These sessions are specifically designed for people looking ‘ to go within, gain more personal understandings, connect with their higher self and make a space for deep healing on an experiential level. These groups are a wonderful opportunity for newcomers to be introduced to the work and meet like -minded people.

There is something very powerful when breathing together in a group setting with the collective energy being directed towards healing, growth, acceptance and understanding. Some of my deepest insights have come from working in this way. What’s so special is that one person’s releasing can energetically support another person to let go more and relax deeper into the process.

So what do these sessions involve?

  • We open the circle with a guided meditation & set individual intentions.
  • A short share & space for questions about the work or ones individual process.
  • Group breathe to music – I am currently only accepting up to three people in any group to ensure maximum attention is given to each person. When larger groups are held, extra facilitators are on hand to support.
  • Another share about your experience.
  • Closing of the circle

Morning and evening sessions are available. Each session is 2 hours 15 minutes.

Cost – 150 nis per person.

Location – Groups run in Central Tel Aviv and Raanana.

If you are interested to know more about group breathing sessions, please contact me directly – 052 655 3420