What can i expect from a one to one breath therapy session?

There are three parts to a session.

1 – Initial sharing

A breath work session will begin with a sharing of what has been going on in your life and a short discussion to explore your focus/intention for the session.

2 – Breathing

You will then be invited to either, sit or lie down on a mattress, close your eyes and be guided to relax and focus on your breathing. I will be encouraging you to consciously breathe through your mouth whilst incorporating a series of breathing techniques that you will be taught. The breathing will take you on a journey inside allowing anything that needs resolving to come up from the unconscious to the conscious mind. This may happen in the form of a memory of some kind, a feeling, a clear insight, or the body talks in the form of a bodily sensation – heat, cold, pain, twitching, pins and needles are all common symptoms.

You will remain in this ‘trance like’ state for up to an hour and will experience exactly what you need. We all have an inner healer inside each of us. There is no one session the same, so I will refrain from noting further what can happen in a session as everyone has their own unique experience.

There may be times that you may require guidance or extra support as certain memories, feelings or suppressed emotions come to the surface. I will be supporting you on your personal journey, ensuring that you feel safe at all times.

3 – The Final Sharing

After a session, it is common to feel both mentally and physically lighter. You may gain clarity on specific issues and notice that your awareness is heightened. You may even notice that physical pains subside. Your session will be completed with a sharing of your experiences and insights from the session. I often give my clients homework based on their sessions to keep things going when they are back in their home environment.

Although this a common Breath work session, music, water, mandala drawings, guided imagery meditations and many other tools are often used as part of the process.