In todays final article, we are going to focus on the Chinese medicine approach to Spring which includes dietary and lifestyle tips.

Spring is represented by the wood element, so the organs that we usually target when cleansing are the liver and gall bladder. These organs are responsible for regulating a smooth flow of Qi/ energy throughout your body and mind. If the Qi is not flowing properly, you could experience any of the following: anger, irritability, depression, insomnia, indecisiveness, PMS for women, headaches & pains in the body.

The most important thing is to ensure the Qi is moving smoothly. .How can we do this?

Exercise – Anything that gets your body moving will get the Qi flowing. People often say that exercise makes them feel better physically and mentally. When our energy flows, we feel good and when it gets stuck or stagnant , we feel bad. It literally is that simple.

Stretching – The liver is responsible for maintaining tendon health and flexibility. Take time each day to really stretch your body out. Tai chi,Qi Gong, Yoga or Pilates are all great options.

Acupuncture is a fantastic option to move your energy and support both the liver and gall bladder functions. It too is great for treating stress, anger and frustration, which are often associated with a liver Qi disharmony. Even when you are blessed with good health it is still recommended to receive a treatment at the beginning of each season to harmonize any imbalances. For more on acupuncture treatments –…/acupuncture-chinese…/

Dietary choices – Start your day by stabilizing your body’s PH levels with either warm water and lemon or 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar. ( I recommend Bragg Organic ACV with the ‘ Mother’.) You can also add honey to the mix which will stabilize blood sugar levels. These combinations are extremely detoxifying and work wonders on a cleanse.
Spring is associated with the color green so I would encourage you to consume foods that are rich in chlorophyll ( this is the pigment responsible for giving all green plants their color) Spirulina, parsley, spinach, barley grass juice, green beans, green peppers, sprouts, peas, asparagus. kale, swiss chard, fennel, green apples, kiwi,avocado, broccoli, fresh leafy greens & sprouts e.t.c These will accelerate liver rejuvenation.- Please note that this is a general list and some of the foods are goitrogens and should be avoided if you have hypothyroidism.

Caring for your eyes – The liver is connected to good eye functioning. Make sure to take breaks from the computer, do eye exercises and rest them as much as possible. This is even more important for those people who are prone towards dry, blurry,red or itchy eyes.

Please feel free to email me directly if you want more specific advice on any of the topics we have discussed or to book an acupuncture session.

Maxine xx



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