The power of choice

Be miserable or motivate yourself, whatever has to be done is always your choice‘ – Wayne Dyer

In every moment, we make choices. There are the obvious choices we make every day, like ‘what to eat’ ‘what to wear’, ‘what to do today’ – and these alone can be quite challenging, especially for the more indecisive among us.

And then there are the more subtle choices that we make constantly – moment to moment and often without much conscious thought. We choose what to hear, what to see and what to feel. We choose pain or we choose pleasure, we choose happiness or we choose sadness. We are constantly choosing where to place our attention.

If we live consciously we can observe our choices and note how they make us feel. If they are not making us feel good, we then have the choice to refocus our attention on thoughts that make us feel better.

This idea may be quite controversial if you don’t feel that you have any involvement in what happens to you. The truth is, while we may not be able to choose certain events or things that happen (this too is debatable – but not for now), we can ALWAYS choose how we view, internalize, feel and respond to a given event.

People often tell me that they cannot escape from negative thoughts about specific issues that trigger them most – and I can certainly relate to that painful cycle. It can become a real struggle when you’re consciously trying so hard to stop thinking about something, so much so that the well-intended efforts create an even greater struggle. Perhaps ironically, the law of attraction ( responds to where we put our attention and doesn’t differentiate between what we want and don’t want – so we actually attract more of what we focus our attention on, positive or negative.

Of course, it’s not always easy to stop negative thoughts from popping up in our minds – and indeed I wouldn’t suggest it. Rather, I would urge you to choose to put your attention and focus on thoughts that make you feel good, instead of paying so much attention to thoughts that don’t serve you. If you’re struggling to find any positive thoughts because right now you are in a state of suffering, I suggest focusing on what you are doing in the given moment – right now, or writing a gratitude list so you can see all the blessings that you do have and focus on them. Being able to walk, talk, see, taste and hear are often taken for granted – but in fact, they are the most amazing gifts that influence our experience in the physical world. I will expand on power of gratitude and nowness in the coming weeks.

Every situation or event, no matter what it involves, can provide us with a new opportunity to grow and make new choices. You just need to choose it…..

Some suggested affirmations you can say to yourself daily to support the ‘ Power of Choice’:
*I choose to live
*I choose to be conscious of my thoughts and focus my attention on those that make me feel good.
* I have the power to choose
* I choose to see to see the opportunities in every situation
* I am grateful for all that I have

So what do you choose to feel today?