‘Breath work therapy – A process of self exploration and transformation’

Breath work therapy uses a variety of breathing techniques to clear up
mental, physical and emotional blocks whereby the breath is used as a bridge
between the conscious and unconscious mind.

Over time, the demands of daily life, traumas and painful memories get
stored up in our body on a cellular level, building up an armor of stress,
and in turn, causing us to hold our breath and breathe less. This can affect
us physically, emotionally and mentally. Breath work therapy is a practical
process that makes you more aware of yourself and able to release patterns
no longer serving you.

For many including myself, breath work therapy is not just a treatment
option it is a way of living. It encourages one to live consciously and take
responsibility for how we feel and act.

For a fuller description of this work, please look at: http://

Carol Lampman, is whom I have trained under. She is the most remarkable
woman who holds the most enormous amounts of knowledge and
experience. I am currently half way through her amazing master’s program.