Acupuncture & Chinese medicine

Acupuncture is part of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). A system of healing that dates back over thousands of years from the East. Within this framework every diagnosis and treatment plan is put together based on the individual. Many factors including lifestyle, diet, emotional stresses, constitution are considered before we even begin. For this reason, a treatment will begin with a detailed case history so that I can gain as much information as possible.

Acupuncture is simply the practice in which ultra-fine sterilized needles are inserted into specific points in the body along meridian or energy lines. In TCM, imbalances arise when the energy or ‘Qi’ does not run smoothly along these meridians. This can manifest in pain, low energy, depression, infertility, constipation amongst many other complains. By placing these needles into acupuncture points we can move, supplement and rebalance the Yin and Yang.

As part of an acupuncture treatment, one of the following related therapies may be used:


This treatment has been around for thousands of years in many cultures globally. A local suction is created on the skin using a glass cup & heat or a hand pump. By creating this vacuum, it increases blood flow to the area, removes toxins from the body & re – oxygenates and relaxes tense muscles. I commonly use this method for back, neck or shoulder pain & respiratory complaints; common cold, bronchitis e.t.c


Moxa is made from dried Mugwort. It is used to warm specific areas of the body and stimulates circulation through acupuncture points. This method can be used in muscular-skeletal conditions that are caused by cold or drafts, chronic conditions, digestive complaints, a variety of gynaecological issues or general weakness.

Gentle massage

When deemed necessary, massage will be used as part of an acupuncture treatment.

Conditions commonly treated with acupuncture include:-

  • Stress management
  • Anxiety & emotional issues
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Digestive disorders – Constipation, IBS, Diarrhea
  • Women health – Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), Painful periods, Amenorrhea, Yeast & Urine Infections, Vaginitis, Polycystic ovaries syndrome (PCOS), Endometriosis, Menopausal symptoms.
  • Infertility – male or female
  • IVF support
  • Stress related pain – Headaches, Back, Neck, Shoulder pain
  • Arthritis
  • Respiratory – Asthma, Common cold, Hay fever, Allergies
  • Skin conditions –  Eczema, Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Acne and Urticaria
  • General Health

I’ve been having acupuncture with Maxine for almost a decade, which says it all really… She has an amazing capability of finding the exact source of pain, even if I’m not sure myself, and making it all better. I leave my acupuncture sessions feeling like new, every time… I highly recommend her. ( NP, Tel Aviv)

Having acupuncture treatment with Maxine has been helpful physically and emotionally. She can help in everything from preventing a cold to relieving stress from work. Maxine is calming and easy to work with – you feel comfortable with her right away.’ (RK, Tel Aviv)