I have seen Maxine now for several months, originally reaching out to her, via a recommendation from a friend, with the intention to learn more about and explore the breath as for years I had a strong feeling that I did not or could not breathe fully.  From the first session to the most recent one, Maxine has been supportive, encouraging, helpful and most notably, grounded and real. 
I feel the advice Maxine distills to be enormously valuable.  The sessions have been hugely powerful at times and equally quite calmly and gentle. Just like life, every meeting is different with different things occurring (“coming up” as Maxine would say). The one thing consistent and constant is Maxine’s care, attention, kindness and professionalism.
I really enjoy the commitments and affirmations that we write together during each meeting, and I have these with me in my wallet as I remember to check in with myself, and to remain focused on the things we discussed.  
I would highly recommend Maxine and breath therapy for an opportunity to look into yourself, using your breath and your body, guided by a wonderful and experienced breathe specialist. Daniel SternHE