‘It was actually very nice for me to sit down and reflect on how much better I feel compared to 9 months ago and also to think about how much the breath work has helped me. I am very grateful!

‘I began breath work therapy with Maxine after suffering a bereavement. At the time I was very unhappy and was willing to try anything in the hope that I would start to feel like myself again. I was a little skeptical at first (how could simply breathing make me feel better?) but I decided to give it a try. In my first session I found the breathing itself quite challenging, but I felt wonderfully relaxed afterwards and I decided to continue with treatments.

I have now had about eight treatments and I believe that my breathwork sessions with Maxine have played a very important part in helping me to recover my equilibrium and to feel happy again.

Maxine is calm, warm, sensitive and, most importantly, non-judgmental, which creates an extremely safe environment for this work. It took a while for the sessions to progress beyond being merely relaxing to something much deeper, but each time I now have a session with Maxine I feel that I have peeled away another layer and that I have a clearer understanding and greater acceptance of myself. Thank you Maxine!’ O., Tel Aviv