Breath therapy with music

Although, I more commonly use music when facilitating group breath work sessions, I also use it with one to one clients.
In these sessions evocative music is combined with accelerated breathing and close supervision to allow the unconscious mind to open up and allow you to access insights and deeper healing.
This method also accesses ‘ cellular memory’ so any suffering still being stored in the body can come to the surface to be released and integrated.


‘After several years of acupuncture with Maxine, I turned to breath therapy in order to get rid of underlying fears, stress and negative emotions. My experience doing breath work was and continues to be incredible! I learned to relax myself using simple breathing techniques. Maxine’s gentle touch and guide throughout each session was an added value to my experience. I learned more about my inner fears and overcame many of them. I now know the power of my breath, the power of my inner child and the power of ‘me’. Breath work with Maxine has had a profound effect on my life since I began. It is a personal journey that once must begin in order to fully comprehend it!’ ( T, Peta Tikva)