The nostalgia of going home and living between two countries

After a week of being back in England visiting family & friends, I have been consumed with immense nostalgia.
Staying at my parents home which I grew up in, visiting friends from far back & even the taste of foods from my past bring up so many memories, good and bad.

It leads me to reflect on why I chose to move abroad. Before indulging in the whys? and hows? I stop and breathe and simply remind myself of how grateful I am that I am equally as happy living in Israel as I am to be having this special time back in London. I could not really ask for more….

It also brings up the idea of attachment. If I am focusing on the many memories from my past, my attention is constantly being shifted from whats happening right now.

What a great lesson I have received in staying present, in this very moment, the only real moment..

Have a great week x