When I sat down and started contemplating the concept of ‘Quiet’ and how I could best present its power in this post, I considered discussing how to prioritize it in day-to-day life. Making time to go and sit in nature, going for walks in silence or just getting away from the noise.

But it was only when I sat one morning to meditate that the true meaning of the ‘ power of quiet’ came to me. It’s┬ánot about going in search of quiet – even though that can be nice. Rather, it’s about finding the quiet amongst the noise. Being able to feel peaceful when there is noise all around. This involves holding your ground so that you are not thrown off centre and distracted by all the external stimulus. The magic of quiet happens when we are able to quiet our minds enough so that we can just observe our thoughts, our breath or even the sounds (which may be loud) all around without judgement. Being able to stay in that space of quiet, regardless.

Some suggested exercises to support the ‘ Power of Quiet’ and help you to really appreciate the quiet within…
* Whilst sitting in a noisy place, take a moment to stop, go inside and simply focus on your breathing. See where you notice the breath coming from – is it the mouth? the nose? the stomach or somewhere else? Does it feel flowing or stagnant?
* When you walk through the busy streets – take a moment to stop, take a breath and then continue walking – but this time focus on every footstep, observe what you see in front of you and what noises are around you. It is ok to notice how they make you feel but try not to get stuck on that feeling. Instead refocus again and notice what you see and hear all over again…

Sitting quietly and befriending the noise is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves as it helps us to achieve true inner peace.

What are the events in your life that often disrupt your quiet?

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