the power of intuitionThis blog is dedicated to my two beautiful boys, who have unwittingly taught me to listen with an open heart to my intuition. Five days ago my youngest child (now eight months old) came down with a high fever. My regular wonderful paedatrician was away, so we saw a locum who diagnosed an ear infection and prescribed antibiotics immediately. I left feeling very uneasy, and although i bought the medicine, I simply could not give it to him. Instead, I took him for acupuncture later that day, and the next day his condition improved slightly.
That night his fever rose, he did not sleep – and the internal struggle began. That back-and-forth internal dialogue, with the ‘What if’s.’ How can i not listen to the doctor? Do they know best? Am i being irresponsible? What do i truly believe? Am i going to cause him damage? Where is this conviction coming from? I was in a mess. Something inside of me was telling me to give him love – and medicine to bring down the fever and make him more comfortable. I knew the antibiotics would not be good for him.
This morning, after another terrifying night of high fever, we returned to my usual doctor who checked him over and immediately informed me he did not have an ear infection. He reassured me that I had done the right thing of not giving him antibiotics until a blood test was done so we could be sure it was actually bacterial and not viral. Low and behold the results came back and there was no sign of bacteria. It was a virus. I felt so relieved and happy. Suddenly all that stress i had been carrying disappeared – as did my sons fever.
I felt the need to share this story because over the past few years, I have struggled on so many occasions to follow my intuition when dealing with health matters of both myself and my children. I see now that I gave too much power away, and now I commit to trusting my motherly intuition to the best of my ability.
We all hold the truth within us, we all know whats right for us, that little ‘gut’ feeling that cries out to us even when we don’t want to listen. We are blessed with feelings as a guide to let us know what is right or wrong for us. I feel utmost gratitude for this and from this day on – I commit to reclaiming my power & listening and honouring my intuition.
Some suggested exercises to help you tap into your intuition during times of turmoil and stress.
* Take a few breaths into your feet to ensure that you are grounded. ( Many of us tend to unground when things become challenging as a way of avoiding pain.)
* Take another breath but this time focusing your attention into your heart. Observe your body and breath. Notice how you feel about the situation rather than what you think about it? The breath acts as a bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind.. It allows the answer to come from within rather than from the chitter chatter of your mind…
*Trust your instincts even if it may not make sense on a mental level. The truth always comes from within..
Feel free to email me if you want any more clarity or ideas for tapping into your intuition.
Have a great day x

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