Divine timing

‘Divine Timing’

How often are you feeling frustrated and impatient that things are not happening as fast as you would like them to? How often are you trying to ‘ open doors’ that are just not opening?

Divine timing is the idea that everything happens at the right time. We have all been in situations when we are desperately seeking an immediate outcome to later understand that other things had to be put in place first before things would flow smoothly. There can be many reasons as to why you cannot manifest what you desire right away.

So, instead of getting angry, disappointed and resentful, there are things we can choose to do in order to work in alignment with ‘divine timing.’

  • You can become mindful of your internal dialogue. Listening to what you are telling yourself will help to identify the fears and limiting beliefs that are not serving you. Sometimes observing these thoughts without judgment is enough to help them subside. Alternatively, breath work, EFT or many other techniques can help to release these obstacles standing in your way. I personally, hold on to the belief that ‘everything is happening just as it should’ and this has supported my process greatly.
  • Secondly you can continue to nurture your vision of what you truly want. Imagine and experience what it will feel like when it happens. Take action every day to support your vision.
  • The third part is to have faith, trust the process and surrender. For many this may seem like the biggest challenge but it is certainly worth exploring. We don’t need to know ‘ how’, ‘what’ or ‘when.’ We need to simply trust that we will be guided through each step. Connect to the part of yourselves that just ‘knows’ that when the time is right, everything will fit into place and your desires and dreams will manifest.

By following these guidelines, we can dissolve any resistance that stand between you and what you want. Leave the rest to the universe and ‘divine timing’

Have a great day xx