decluttering your space pictureA clear space = a clear mind‘ 

It can be hard to get creative, make changes or do just about anything when living in chaos..This is the time to start cleaning, clearing and making space for the new…

So here goes..
*Lets start by setting an intention to have fun decluttering.

*Take a few deep breaths and then write a full list of all the things you are going to achieve by clearing your space.

*Now go through your cupboards, drawers, closets e.t.c and get rid of anything you no longer need. Anything that has been sitting unused or unworn for the past two years must go! Many people (including myself) struggle with the idea of throwing possessions away. Be clear I am not asking you to throw anything away, I am asking you, instead, to pass things on to people who may use/ need them more. This way you are ‘GIVING’ at the same time as ”CLEARING” a great combination for success!!

* Once you have cleared as much as you can for now, write down how you are feeling? are there any items you struggled to part with? what significance do they hold? do you feel like a weight has been lifted or are you feeling anxious?

Whatever it is that you are feeling, just allow it and note it down without judgement. This can be a great lesson in attachment.

I recommend that you repeat this process every time you are in need of a change or you are feeling generally cluttered…

Tomorrow we will be looking at ‘decluttering our minds’
Good luck!!

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