Maxine is returning to London again this August and offering both one-on- one and intimate group breathing sessions. Currently residing in Tel Aviv, Israel, Maxine runs a busy clinic and teaches a variety of breath work and meditation workshops to teenagers and adults. She is a cofounder of the popular Breathe and Receive womens self- realization course.

Maxine is a keen advocate of conscious, intentional living, and is all about awakening people, helping them to move out of autopilot and into a space of awareness. At the same time she is extremely passionate about empowering others to access their own truth through the power of the breath.

With a background in Chinese medicine, Maxine uses the concept of Yin and Yang in her sessions and her teachings. The Yin element is accessed through a stiller, mindful approach, whilst the yang aspect is utilized through active breathing techniques.

What is Breath Work Therapy?

Breath work is a process of self-exploration and transformation. Over time, the demands of daily life, traumas and painful memories get stored in the physical body, essentially building up an armour of stress and in turn, causing us to hold our breath and breathe less. This process has profound physical, emotional and mental effects on well being.

Breath work therapy is a highly experiential, practical process that brings awareness to the self, and enables the release of such patterns. By focusing on the breath and using a variety of different breathing techniques you will gradually move inwards where you can access “what’s really going on for you.” It enables you to go beyond all that you know in the rational mind. Every memory is stored in your cellular level and through the breath, you are able to release, heal, accept & experience all that you need for yourself in order to allow for more freedom and expansion.

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